Are You Adding Emotion or Manipulating?

We’ve all seen videos that move us. In fact, if you try, I bet you can picture one right now. Maybe it made you laugh, cry or it got you angry. Or, it could have surprised you, scared you, or even made you feel anxious. You can picture one, right? 😲😳🫢

This is human nature. We remember the things that impact us on an emotional level. the deeper we feel it, the more recall we have of it. It sticks with us.🤯

And, if you think back to that video that moved you, chances are you shared it or commented on it. In fact, videos that cause an emotional response are twice as likely to be shared on social media.🤳🤙

This is why storytellers and video creators (including advertisers, news producers, youtubers, soap opera writers, movie makers…) all look for opportunities to create an emotional response. It’s also why so many entrepreneurs who use video also want to tap into that emotion.🎯

I mean, who wouldn’t want to create videos that are more memorable and sharable?✅

The problem comes in when the desire for an emotional response takes the lead. As video creators, we might leave our authenticity behind. We might sidestep our good intentions. We might start to manipulate our audience to get what we want for our business.👎

Doesn’t feel very good to read that does it. And, it doesn’t feel great for the viewer either – especially when they figure out that you’ve been using emotion to manipulate them.❌

So, it’s a slippery slope. Adding emotion to your video scripts can be a powerful way to make your videos more effective BUT doing it wrong can ulitmately hurt your image and brand.😱

👉In this video, I share my top 3 tips for adding emotion into your video the right way so that you can create videos that deeply resonnate with your ideal audience without taking their feelings for granted. When you can do this, you’ll be one step closer to confidently and strategically using video to increase your reach, leads, and sales.🤝