Valerie McTavish

Content Marketing Strategist and Mastermind Leader

Uncertain. Ineffective. Overwhelmed.

If you’ve attempted any kind of digital marketing in the past, you’re probably familiar with these emotions. Here’s what I hear all the time, ‘I have no idea where to start or where to put my energy,’ ‘I’ve tried everything and nothing works,’ and the most common, ‘I start and stop because I just can’t keep up.’ Sound familiar?

There are a million ways to market your business but if you’re a solo-entrepreneur or a small business owner, chances are you don’t have the manpower or budget to have a shotgun approach and try them all. So, where do you start and how do you market effectively and consistently?

You know you need to market yourself online, and you know it can be a very powerful way to connect with your customers and acquire new ones. You try but your tires are spinning and you can’t seem to gain enough traction.  You’re excited by the possibilities but you’re exhausted, fed-up and unsure how to make them a reality.

If you’re thinking that I must be psychic, I can assure you I’m not. Here’s how I know this is your experience – it’s what so many entrepreneurs and small business owners go through. You are not alone.

Effective & Targeted Custom Digital Marketing Strategy

Here’s the real secret behind this common digital marketing experience. One size does not fit all. I get it, you want an easy solution so you follow what’s been successful for others. Maybe you even buy into a formula or a template strategy. Newsflash: your strategy needs to be as unique as your business. Nobody else is doing what you do in the way you do it, right? So, why would someone else’s strategy work for you?

The solution to all of your digital marketing woes is not ‘work harder and try everything’. It’s not to create more content, be on more social media platforms, and offer more opt-ins. It’s to put your energy to work in the right place with effective and targeted activities that get results.

The solution is a custom digital marketing strategy.

Experience, Expertise, and Ongoing Education

I’ve been creating digital content and working with entrepreneurs and small businesses on their marketing strategy for over 8 years. Prior to that, I worked in broadcasting, print media, film production, advertising, corporate communication, and small business management. I’ve spent over 25 years helping people engage an audience and build a connection. In all of my years of experience, I learned that every story needs to be told its own unique way. And, that every business needs to find it’s own unique connection to it’s customers and fans.

Digital marketing gives us the opportunity to do that in a way that traditional media and advertising never can. It’s my absolute passion to work with entrepreneurs and business owners to discover their own secret sauce for making that connection. As a digital marketing strategist, I use a combination of tried-and-true techniques, observations of industry quirks, and the company’s unique aptitudes, to help owners develop a custom digital marketing and content strategy that is effective and sustainable.

I love to learn. This is essential in digital marketing because things are constantly changing. I track the trends, scrutinize the latest approaches, and stay connected with digital marketing’s biggest brains so that my clients don’t have to.

Some of My Fabulous Clients

Let’s Get to Work


3 Hour Strategy Session

This 3 hour strategy session is perfect for an entrepreneur or business owner with an existing strategy that needs tweaking. In this 3 hour session we will:

  • Assess your current strategy
  • Look at leaders in your industry
  • Find the efficiencies in your strategies and optimize them
  • Find the deficiencies in your strategy and eliminate or improve them
  • Look for new opportunities and create new campaigns or strategies to take advantage of them

By the end of this monster session you will have a refreshed strategy and be hyper-focused on your next steps. Clients who purchase this package qualify for the reduced adhoc rate and also maintain email access to me for 3 months after the session.

3 Month Intensive

I call this the Fast Track Program because we’re going to go from idle to lift off really fast. This is a great program for an entrepreneur or business owner who has no digital marketing strategy in place. Over the course of this 3-month intensive, we will:

  • Assess your business digital activities (if any)
  • Determine what’s working and what’s not
  • Look at industry leaders
  • Create a robust digital marketing strategy which may include market research, social media development, content development, email list building and content strategy, and potentially product development or sales strategies.
  • Ensure strategy is in line with business strategy and core values
  • Commence execution of strategy (setting up automation, training the team and/or getting comfortable with various platforms)
  • Assess effectiveness and tweak as needed

This program is one on one consultation with a focus on quick results. We will start with a 3 hour discovery meeting, then meet weekly for 45 minutes with ongoing email support throughout the 3 months. Clients who purchase this program qualify for reduced adhoc hourly rate after the 3 months is complete. Payment plan available.

By the Hour

Sometimes all you need is someone to answer all of your questions or to give you a second opinion on a campaign or strategy. There are two options in working with me by the hour.

  • Adhoc – book time with me on an as needed basis, 1 hour minimum
  • Retainer – commit to working with me a minimum of 4 hours per month

We can cover a lot in an hour one on one but if what you’re really looking for is some support, you might consider one of my Wayfinder Mastermind groups.  My masterminds are about sharing knowledge, support, and providing accountability. New groups start periodically and are by invitation only. Add your name to the waitlist to be notified about the next one or contact me to see if one is starting soon.

Take Action, Get Traction

Are you ready to leave the frustrating, ineffective, overwhelming world of shotgun digital marketing? It’s time to go custom with a precise and effective strategy crafted specifically to get you the audience and customers you’re searching for.

Oh-uh. You’ve made it to the bottom without clicking…

I get it. As confusing as navigating digital marketing can be, selecting someone to work with can be equally challenging. Let’s find out if we’re a fit for each other. Take advantage of my free 15-minute discovery session. We’ll jump on Zoom or the phone and chat about what you’re looking for, what your challenges are, and I’ll share some gratis digital marketing gold. You can take it to the bank or you can sign up for more. Your choice. No obligations. And, if I don’t think I can help you, then I’ll tell you, straight up. I’m all about success – mine and yours – so if I don’t think that’s in the cards, I won’t waste my time or your money. Deal?

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