Clarity Saves Entrepreneurs Time, Money, & Frustration

When we work together, you’ll get a clear path to your goals and the support you need to stay on it.

  • Create an Action Plan

  • Build Entrepreneurial Resilience

  • Discover Stress-free Trouble-shooting

Clarity Business Coaching.

Powerful, no-punches-pulled private sessions to provide you clarity and accountability so that you can achieve your business goals and realize your true potential as an entrepreneur.

Building an online business can be overwhelming. In the midst of the frustration, noise, and uncertainty it can be hard to find the path forward let alone stay on it.That’s when we get stuck. We get distracted. And sometimes, we lose our motivation making the journey ahead seem impossible. Every entrepreneur experiences some form of this. The entrepreneurs that succeed get through these times with purpose, mindset-work, and taking action.

That’s the clarity and accountability you’ll get working with me. The first step is to book a Free Strategy Session to see if we’re a good fit.

Imagine waking up each day knowing the exact steps you need to take to build your dream business. Imagine having the tools to close the door on self-doubt, uncertainty and overwhelm. Imagine enjoying the entrepreneurial journey as much as the destination.

That is the power of clarity. That is the power of personalized, private coaching.

My approach to coaching is to help entrepreneurs stay focused on the big picture while helping them stay motivated to complete daily actions needed to reach their goals. 

My style is frank and forward. If we work together, you can expect me to ask the tough question, to drill down on limiting beliefs that might be derailing your confidence, and hold you accountable to forward motion. I will also remind you to celebrate your successes and help you stay committed to a healthy work/life balance.

This custom process may include

• Establishing your WHY

• Identifying your ideal customer (& where to find them)

• Digital product development

• Content and digital marketing strategies

• Reviewing your user flow/customer journey and funnels

• Building your email list

• Content creation

• Content review

• Sales page copy and conversion strategies

• Mindset & confidence work

• Work/life balance

Every strategy is customized, so what we actually cover will be determined in our initial clarity sessions.

Regardless, the outcome will be that you are constantly moving toward your goals with clarity, confidence, and feeling fully supported…just like these past clients.


“The difference I noticed under Valerie’s tutelage, is that, Valerie was able to segment every part of my business. She was able to draw my attention where it needed to go, so I had purposeful intent in every action I make”


“And working with her has been one of the greatest and most empowering experiences I have had since I began my business.”


“With respect to 1:1 coaching, I felt Valerie was super valuable. She helped me as a founder and solo entrepreneur, really distill all the things I wanted to do, and appropriate timelines, and kept me accountable.”


“I would recommend your (Valerie) tools and techniques to any female entrepreneur, whether you’re doing business to business or business to consumer.”


“She (Valerie) was really great at pulling things out of me, and identify what I really wanted to do, you know, with the next chapter of my life.”


“I would definitely recommend anyone who has marketing questions, or doesn’t really know what they’re supposed to be asking in the first placeto talk to Valerie, because she will help you with anything that you need.”

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Please note that Clarity Business Coaching contracts are for a minimum of 6 months. I want to make sure that you are fully on the path to achieving your goals and 6 months is a realistic timeline for that to happen.

If you want to move faster, contact me about a VIP Strategy Day. These are by invitation only.

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