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Valerie McTavish is an award-winning producer and scriptwriter with over 30 years of television, radio and advertising production experience. Now she uses her decade of digital marketing experience to guide female entrepreneurs in growing their online businesses using intentional content strategies and big-picture focus.

It all started back in the early 90’s when, as a communication student at Simon Fraser University, she decided her education was lacking some hands-on experience. So, she marched into the local cable station and demanded a show. Several months of volunteering later, they obliged and she officially became a producer of the University’s new current affairs magazine-style show with a (volunteer) team of 12 working with her.

Her television journey was interrupted (often) by her insatiable wanderlust. But, after graduating and returning from a year of traveling around the world, she jumped right back in. Stints working as a post production house manager, documentary producer, corporate video producer, scriptwriter, short film producer, head of broadcast for a top ad agency, chief content officer for a tech start-up, producer of the on-location portion of the morning news, senior producer of a magazine show and finally landed her dream job as the senior producer of the morning news. 

This accomplishment directly coincided with two critical shifts for Valerie – the decline in traditional media and the spike in her drive to become a full-time entrepreneur. 

So, she did what she usually does when life is about to completely change – she went traveling for 6 months to South America.

After that, she got to work building her business. For the first 5 years, it was a content creation company. The needs of her clients over those 5 years shifted to content marketing strategy. So, during this time, Valerie dedicated herself to learning the ins and outs of digital marketing (the key lesson being, you can never know the ins and outs because they are constantly changing!). 

She learned about YouTube creating all of the videos for a channel that now has over 6 millions views, she waded into Facebook Lives and started teaching them. She took course after course on things like email writing, blog writing, Facebook ads, Google analytics, course creation, funnel building, and sales page copy. 

Over time, she found herself doing more consulting and strategy work which led naturally into leading masterminds for female entrepreneurs. It made her incredibly happy to serve and support female entrepreneurs (and help bridge the confidence gap) so she decided to do that exclusively. 

In 2018, it became abundantly clear that she should be using her background in video production and marketing together to serve the women she was working with. That paved the path she is on now, doing the work she feels is a culmination of her passion, purpose and expertise. 

And, it also allows her to travel and work from the road – a perfect antidote to her wanderlust. Luckily her partner, Tim Wohlberg, is also location independent with his business Podcast Performance Coach. Traveling part of the year and enjoying the outdoors at home in Kelowna, BC, Canada the rest of the year, keeps them balanced and happy. 

And that’s the whole story, more or less. 

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