Get Past Negative Self-Talk

“I’m not good enough.” “Nobody wants to hear from me.” “Every is going to think I’m a fraud.” Have you said something like this to yourself? Does it sometimes stop you from putting yourself out there for your business? Negative self-talk is very common and it can derail the best-laid visibility plans.

Guess what? It’s all in your head. Yes, that is an obvious statement but it’s time here’s what you really need to know. YOU control what’s in your head and you can shift that negative talk into something far more empowering.

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas is an expert in guiding you to make that shift but as an female entrepreneur, she had to overcome her own inner critic. Now she’s the Founder and CEO of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, a sought-after speaker, and has written 15 international best-selling books.

In the latest episode of The Show Up + Be Seen Show, she shares how she got past her imposter syndrome to grow this successful business AND how you can too. In our conversation she explains:

  • How the brain works against your wishes
  • Why you need to focus on the unconscious mind not the logical mind
  • What your inner personal assistant hears and does
  • A 2-step technique to make affirmations actually work
  • Tools to get out of your own way and start sharing your message

    Thanks to Nathalie for joining me on the show and for sharing mind-blowing (and mind-shifting) insights. If you’d like to connect with Nathalie, check out her website and grab her free confidence guide:

    If you are looking for video confidence, you can learn more about my program here.