Get Over Camera-Shyness

You know that old adage about the cobbler with holes in his shoes? Well, this one is about the photographer who helps female entrepreneurs feel more comfortable on camera…who hated getting on camera.

The good news is, she got over it. And then, she got over her discomfort with being on video. And that’s when everything changed for her business. That’s when she became a totally booked-out photographer.

In this episode of the Show Up + Be Seen Show, Brand Photographer, Kristen Clancy shares how she faced her own fears around showing up on camera (in both photos and videos). What tricks she teaches her clients that she had to apply to herself. And, the shocking results she experienced once she moved over to using video to show up authentically for her business.

During our conversation, you’ll discover:

  • The power of planning as an antidote to fear and anxiety around showing up.
  • How freeing authenticity can be
    The importance of staying accountable to the plan (even if you have to hire a butt-kicker)
  • The one trick we both use to relax on camera

One of the most important things Kristen shares is that getting on camera or video is never as bad as you think it will be. That was one of my big takeaways from our conversation. Do you agree? What was your biggest takeaway? What will you change after watching this?

A big thanks to Kristen for showing up and sharing her story and insights. You can connect with her and see her work at StoryCatcher Photography. Or, connect with her (and check out her reels) on Instagram.

By the way, I’m so proud to say that Kristen is a graduate of the Video Marketing Confidence & Mastery Program.