Eye Contact Tips to Increase Video Engagement

One of the first things you have to get over when creating videos is the awkwardness of looking at the camera. This can be especially tricky if you’re using a front-facing smartphone video camera because your instinct is to look at yourself. Unfortunately, that leaves the viewer feeling like you’re distracted. You want the viewer to feel like you’re talking to them, right?

If you’re not looking at the camera, you’re not looking at your viewer. 

Here are the tips I cover in this video:

  1. Look ‘down the barrel’ of your camera lens
  2. Imagine that you are talking to your best friend or best costumer (and they live inside that camera lens)
  3. Don’t stare! 
  4. Act natural (that includes looking away from time to time)
  5. Make sure you know where your camera is on your smartphone and mark it
  6. Practice, practice, practice

Once you get the hang of it, your videos will feel more natural and you’ll be much more confident in delivering your message. 

Engaging the camera becomes also much easier when you know who you’re talking to, why you’re talking to them, and what you want to say. These are some of the things we cover when we work together to create your custom video marketing strategy. Click below to access my free training or book a free video marketing mapping session with me directly on my calendar.