Can’t Think of Anything to Say in Your Videos?

🙋‍♀️ Hey fellow female entrepreneurs, does this ever happen to you? You’re planning on doing a video, you have it perfectly clear in your head but then when it comes time to write a script… crickets. Or, you know you should be doing videos but you just can’t quite figure out what the heck you should say?

I hear this all the time from the female entrepreneurs I work with and it’s a big problem for them. It’s a big problem because they know they should be doing video, they want to be doing video but the script is keeping them from actually doing video. 😢

That’s why I created the Video Script Formula. I wanted to empower women to get their message out there without the script writing part feeling like a marathon… in the rain… uphill…

If you’re tired of the words getting in the way of creating effective videos to attract your ideal client then you need to grab the video script formula. It’s part of my Video Scripts Made Simple program (because what good is a formula if you don’t know how to use it or have the confidence to deliver those scripts – amiright?) 🙌

📃 The entire program, including the video script formula, my quick-script writing method, and my training on delivering your script like a rockstar (with or without a teleprompter) is included along with some additional bonuses. And, it’s only $37. Grab it right now and let’s get your brilliant ideas into scripts and out into the world where they can do some good.