3 Really Simple Video Editing Hacks

“I hate editing video and it stops me from doing video marketing.”

This is a sentiment that an entrepreneur shared with me recently. She was convinced that her lack of editing skills was a good reason to not be doing video marketing. 

But, let me be clear – she wanted to be using video marketing, she knew it would be good for her business, but she just couldn’t figure out the editing part. She’d tried different editing programs and suffered from tech overwhelm as a result. 

I respectfully called BS on her excuse.

In this video, I explain why having limited (or no) editing skills does not mean you can’t create amazing and effective videos for your fans and potential customers. In fact, it’s not even close to a good excuse!

In this video, I explain 3 really simple video editing hacks :

  • Don’t Edit! I’m not being glib here. I mean it. Figure out how to create videos where you don’t have to edit at all. Ahem, like live videos. 
  • Crash Edits. These are simple edits (demonstrated in the video) that I used to cringe at but that have become so accepted that there is no denying they work in a pinch. 
  • Park your Ego (and need for perfection). This is the big one. The hack to end all hacks when it comes to video editing. Focus on providing value to your view not a perfectly editing video. Value wins every time, even if there are a few messy edits. 

So, are you letting unrealistic edit expectations get in your way? Is perfectionism your flavor of procrastination? Or, is there another excuse you’re using… let me at it…