Has Anyone Ever Said This to You

“You should smile more” “You should wear more makeup” “You should wear less makeup” “You shouldn’t wear such tight clothes”

Has anyone ever said something like this to you?

These are the kinds of comments about our appearance that are said so casually but can sometimes stick. It doesn’t matter if they are true or even if we agree with them at the time. They can still plant themselves in our psyche.

And before you know it, these seemingly innocuous little comments start to germinate. They can feed our fear of judgment, they can corrode our sense of self-worth, and they can diminish our confidence.

👉Especially when it comes to getting on camera and sharing videos.

For an entrepreneur, this is a real problem because video is one of the most powerful ways for us to attract our ideal customer, build a relationship with our community, and increase conversions.

And, when we avoid video, we have to work harder for these results.

I see and hear it all the time as a Video Confidence and Strategy Coach. So often when I’m working with a client to find out why they’re video resistant, we uncover these limiting beliefs about their appearance, skills, or desire to be perfect. And, then we trace it back to the source of how they came to believe that how they look or perform is connected to their worth.

And what really makes my blood boil is that this is an issue that disproportionally affects female entrepreneurs. 💢

I want you to know that you can change this. You have the power to let go of these limiting beliefs. You can overcome your video resistance and get comfortable with how you look on camera so that you CAN share your brilliance, increase your impact, and grow your business. 🤩

It starts by digging up that seed. Or, those seeds. By pulling them up and bringing them into the light. In the light, you can see them for what they are – casual comments that don’t actually have any connection to your worth.

You have to pull them up so you can throw them away. You have to expose them to take away their power.

You can do that on your own or you can take advantage of this forum to share them in the comments.
By sharing them with each other, as I am in this video, I’m hoping that we will see how common it is. How universal this problem is for so many female entrepreneurs. And, so that we can support each other in letting go of these limiting beliefs and start to really show up for our businesses.

So, if someone has ever said something to you that made you dim your light, doubt that your ideas hold value, or convince you to step into the shadows – get those words out of your head and into the comments below.

We are all dealing with this in some way, so let’s support each other in quashing these limiting beliefs.
✨I believe your message deserves to be heard and your business deserves to thrive. I want you to believe it too.