The Authentic Video Paradox

It’s a real paradox – trying to be authentic on video. If you’re being authentic, you shouldn’t have to try, right? But so many of the female entrepreneurs I meet struggle with this very thing in video marketing. 🤯

If you feel like this, you’re not alone. It IS a challenge to be authentic on video especially when society and everything you’ve been taught says you should be striving to be the best. 📣

But, when you’re trying to fit into someone else’s idea of what or who you should be, it’s pretty hard to be yourself. You find yourself asking questions like, should I wear makeup in my videos? How much makeup should I wear in my videos? Do I have to dance in TikTok videos if I want to be successful? How can I stop being so awkward in my videos? What if I hate watching myself on video? 🤔

😲 [these are real questions I’ve been asked by entrepreneurs who are NOT doing video because it feels so inauthentic to them]

In this video, I share some insights into what it really means to be your authentic self, what to take into consideration when creating videos and putting yourself out there authentically, and my #1 tip for tapping into your authenticity in your videos – that’s right at the end! 🤚

🎯Here are a few things to consider when it comes to showing up authentically as yourself.

  1. There is not just one authentic you.
  2. Know your authentic self as it is reflected in your personal brand.
  3. If it feels icky, it’s probably not authentic.
  4. Be present, don’t present.
  5. Park the perfection, nobody needs or wants you to be perfect.

✅After watching this video, do you feel like you are more confident that you can start to show up more authentically in your videos? Which of these considerations do you think will MOST help you tap into your authentic self on video? Comment below! 👇

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