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Step 1:

Get it on Your Calendar

Step 2:

Join the Facebook Group

LIVE, DAILY CHALLENGE SESSION     October 18 – October 22   –   8 AM Pacific Time


Step 3:

Level Up with The VIP Experience


  • Welcome Party!
  • Live and Interactive Zoom Daily Session
  • Exclusive Daily Q&A Session
  • Access to recordings of each Q&A Session
  • Personal Feedback on Your Challenge Submissions
  • BONUS: Video Scripts Made Simple Course!

Upgrade to VIP for Only $47!

What if You Could Guarantee Your Success in the Video Confidence Challenge?

  Introducing The VIP Experience

What would it be like to feel totally confident with how you look and what you need to say in your videos, EVERY TIME? 

What would it mean for your business if you could fearlessly share your message with the world resulting in a larger, more engaged audience? 

And, imagine attracting and building a relationship with your ideal clients (who want to work with you before you even ask). 

Give yourself the best chance at these kinds of results. Set yourself up for success by saying yes to the VIP Experience. 

What’s the VIP Experience?

valerie mctavish video marketing confidence coach

As a VIP, you get:

  • An invite to the VIP EXCLUSIVE Welcome Party aimed at getting you primed for success.
  • Front row seats to the Daily Challenge session. Don’t just watch from the sidelines – be in the Zoom room!
  • Access to the VIP EXCLUSIVE Q&A Session after each morning session. PLUS, access to session recordings!
  • Personal feedback on your Shot Set-up so that you know you’ll look good every time you hit record.
  • Personal feedback on your script so that you can be confident you’re delivering your message clearly.
  • Special Mindset Shifting session on Thursday to arm you against your inner critic!

PLUS, if you join the VIP EXPERIENCE before leaving this page,

you’ll also get this HUGE BONUS:

Video Scripts Made Simple

How would you like to know exactly what you need to say in your videos every time?


Discover the secret formula to crafting effective scripts in minutes and having the skills to deliver them with ease.

This online program is yours when you say yes today and includes:

  • Video Script Formula 
  • Video Scripting Template
  • Effective Scripts in Minutes
  • Video Ideas Generator
  • Rockstar Script Delivery
  • Teleprompter Mastery


  • Guide to Confident CTA Delivery
  • 10 Power Hook Prompts
  • Pre-Record Checklist

My Promise to You

I am so confident that you’re going to love being a VIP that I’m offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If after you’ve completed the challenge, you don’t think the VIP Experience was worth $47, just let me know by November 1, 2021 and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked. 

Expect THIS from Me

Inside the VIP Experience you can expect to get guidance (from my 30+ years of experience), fresh ideas, and lots of limiting-belief crushing. I’m part cheerleader, part drill sergeant, part creative explorer. I might push you or question you but, most importantly, I’ll make sure you crush this challenge. I’ve been coaching female entrepreneurs for over 5 years and I’ve helped hundreds of women get video confident. I know I can help you too.

valerie mctavish video marketing expert

The VIP Experience is perfect for you if:

  • You tend to sign up for free challenges and then not show up or get distracted
  • You’ve tried to create videos in the past and ‘gotten in your own way’
  • You thrive when you have a bit of extra accountability, support, and community
  • You like to be ‘all-in’ when you take something on
  • You’re tired of not getting results and you’re ready to really commit to getting video confident

The VIP Experience is not for you if:

  • You aren’t going to schedule in the time to take this challenge seriously (about an hour a day)
  • You’re not a female entrepreneur excited about the potential of growing your business with video

Are You Ready to be Treated like a VIP?


How is the “personal feedback” delivered?

As a VIP you will get a personal video with feedback on your shot set-up (how you’re positioned in your video frame) and on your script. Complete the challenges on time to get your personal feedback. You can also ask questions about your feedback or ask for more feedback during the daily Q&A session. 

When will the VIP Exclusive Zoom meetings be?

The Daily Challenge meetings will be every morning (October 18 – 22) at 8 am. The first portion of the meeting will be streamed to the Facebook Group. The exclusive Q&A session will follow directly after and WILL NOT be streamed into the group. Meetings will be done by 8:30 am PST each day.

What is the Welcome Party?

This is a Zoom party exclusively for VIP members. On Sunday, October 17th at 4 pm PST you’ll get a chance to meet the other VIP members and I’ll share important information to get you primed to really tackle the challenge. This is also an opportunity for me to get to know you a little bit so I can personalize my feedback a bit more.

Can I decide later to join the VIP Experience?

You can join the VIP Experience up until midnight on October 20th. However, the bonus program: Video Scripts Made Simple is ONLY available when you commit today. Plus, if you join late, you’ll miss out on the VIP Exclusive Welcome Party. 

The Challenges Starts Monday, October 18, 8am (Pacific)