Marketing Lessons From Blowing Bubbles

I had my first marketing job in the 80s. A lot has changed but there are some things we did back then that we still do today in video marketing and digital marketing. 🗓️

In this video, I share my experience on a guerilla marketing team during my teenage years. What we were doing back then (blowing bubbles) can be replicated in today’s digital space because marketing has always been about human nature and relationships. 💖

Back then, we didn’t have Wi-Fi, smartphones, or social media so we had to go where people were. But that’s where the difference stops. 😳

Marketing and sales were still about grabbing attention, creating curiosity, engaging with the customer, understanding their needs (pain point), and presenting an offer they couldn’t refuse! Throw in a little scarcity and you’ve got the recipe for big sales! 🍽️

We were doing this in grocery store parking lots – today, we do it on website, social media channels, and in videos. 📹

I can see it all so clearly now as I look back on this experience. What marketing or business lessons did you learn from your first jobs? Did you know you were learning important lessons at the time, or can you only see them now as you look back? ⌚

👇 Share in the comments! Tell me about the job and what lesson you learned and are still using today.

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