Using YouTube to Build Know, Like, and Trust

Imagine getting on a sales call only and the potential client across from you is fan-girling. You’re not a celebrity but to someone who’s just binged watched hours of your content, you may as well be. Now, imagine how easy it is for them to take the next step in working with you.

If you’re a coach, course creator, or consultant, this is a dream position to be in, and having the right kind of video content on YouTube can get you there.

April Cox has been in this position. For the past year, she’s been focused on building her YouTube channel. Her intention was to create a great channel for people who want to navigate their way to publishing a children’s book. What she discovered is that YouTube – done right – speeds up the building of the know, like, and trust factor and can be a great lead generator.

But, it wasn’t as easy as ‘just start posting videos’. Like many female entrepreneurs, April struggled with putting herself out there. Her negative self-talk held her back. Her fear and imposter syndrome made it almost impossible to get on video and share her knowledge. Her perfectionism and comparisonism added to what seemed like an immovable force between her and video creation.

On this episode of The Show Up + Be Seen Show, April shares the sea change that happened to enable her to get past all of her video resistance and just start making and publishing videos (even if they weren’t perfect). Plus she shares some great insight on how her YouTube strategy is helping build her authority and increase her mentoring program enrollments.

Click play if you want to:

    • Discover the mindset shift needed to combat imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and video-anxiety
    • Unlock the secret power of testimonials
    • Learn how April is using long-form videos that she already had to grow her audience on YouTube
    • Get past the fear that you’re ‘giving it all away and nobody will pay’
    • Be inspired to release your less-than-perfect first few videos on YouTube

Thanks to April for sharing her story and so many great insights into getting on YouTube even if it terrifies you! You can check out her YouTube channel at and her Facebook page:

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