Escape the Comparison Trap!

Have you ever seen someone else who does what you do and started to compare yourself to them? Do you wonder if you’re as good? Do you wish you had their confidence, their audience, their success?

Warning: You are heading into the comparison trap!
Being in the comparison trap can keep you from showing up for your business. It can temporarily (or permanently) derail your visibility. And, it can leave you feeling less-than and fuel imposter syndrome which can make it even harder to put yourself out there. 😤

Staying out of the comparison trap seems like the obvious choice. The problem is that it’s so easy to fall in!

Rosalyn Fung helps entrepreneurs embrace their true selves and be bold enough to show up authentically. She is an Akashic Visionary Life & Business Soul Coach, Facilitator & Trainer of Flourishing Life Coaching Certification Program, and a bestselling author. She’s also a former psychologist so I could think of no one better to tackle this issue.
She joins me on this episode of The Show Up + Be Seen Show and WOW does she serve up some valuable 🔥 gems 🔥.

Grab a pen and notepad because you are going to write some of this down! I mean it, grab that pen and then hit play.

  • We jam on:
    The fear of judgment (especially when it comes to revealing your quirks and letting go of the need to be “professional”
  • How to own your uniqueness
  • Shifting our beliefs around confidence and conceit
  • What we can learn from our 11-year-old self
  • What your “comparisonism” is really saying about you
  • How to get out of the comparison trap so you can show up authentically

I absolutely loved this conversation and when I re-watched it, even I was reaching for my pen! Hit play and let me know what your biggest takeaway was from this convo.

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