Who Do You Think You Are?

How do you see yourself? Does this vision keep you from stepping out into the spotlight for business? Does it stop you from sharing images and videos that could otherwise help build a relationship with your ideal customer?

Do you ever wonder, ‘who am I to create and share this video?’

These thoughts are not uncommon. Many female entrepreneurs second-guess whether they should be sharing videos or any form of content, for that matter. Some see this as imposter syndrome, some say it’s a self-esteem issue, or not recognizing your worth in the world… whatever label you give it, it can completely derail your ability to show up and be seen.

And here’s the thing – it can even get in your way if you are incredibly accomplished!

Cori Willis can attest to this. She is a former law professor so she’s used to standing in front of a room and commanding attention. She’s no stranger to confidence.

But, when she switched careers to become an entrepreneur, she was surprised by the resistance to putting herself out there. This led her to some self-discovery that she now uses in her self-concept coaching.

In this episode of The Show Up + Be Seen Show, Cori shares how to better understand how you really feel about yourself so that you can shift out of self-sabotage and start showing up for your business in an authentic way.

Click play if you want to:

  • Learn a remedy for video-production overwhelm
  • How to be better known by your ideal customer
  • Learn how to set your minimum viable show-up quotient
  • Let go of self-judgment
  • Understand how your self-concept is holding you back (and how to reverse that)
  • How to know what to say NO to

Plus – the powerful 4 questions that you can ask yourself to empower you to get out of your own way and get on camera!

Thanks to Cori for sharing her wisdom. You can connect with her through her website and Facebook.

Grab her free, Self-Concept RX program HERE.

And, if you want to know your next steps in putting video to work for you and your business, click here to book a free video marketing mapping session.