Alternatives to Teleprompters for Video

Should I use a teleprompter? Is a teleprompter a good idea? What’s the alternative to a teleprompter?

🤔I get asked these questions all the time by the female entrepreneurs that I work with.

🎯First, let’s cover some basics. A teleprompter is a device that puts the words of your script either right beside your camera (using an app on your smart phone) or in front of your camera (using an angled glass that reflects a reversed screen of an app on your iPad or smart phone). The benefit is that you can say exactly what you intended to say because the script is right in front of you – no memorizing! This is what broadcasters use to read the news and it’s also what politicians use to deliver a speech.📺

The teleprompter is tempting because you want to nail your script.📃

The problem is, teleprompters may seem like the easy way but there are plenty of challenges hidden on this so-called short-cut.🏔️

One of the main things that I share with my students is that even if you are very skilled at using the teleprompter, it can sometimes diminish the connection you have with the viewer.

  • Your viewer might notice that you are reading and then that is what they are paying attention to.
  • Your words and presentation might come off as too perfect (and there for feel less authentic).
  • You may even stop making sense. I’ve seen it happen! You’re so focused on ready that you lose the meaning and don’t notice that a word is missing.
  • You may, in fact, find it more stressful because you have to ‘perform the script’ which can result in you being visibly uncomfortable or anxious.

📌The alternative is to skip the teleprompter and use an outline instead. Forget about getting the script out exactly as you wrote it and just share the information. You may find that the outline option has fewer takes AND gives you a better connection to the audience. You will likely relate more with the information, and that will come through in your delivery.

Don’t believe me? Good.😲

❓Because I decided to do a test so you could see for yourself. This video was recorded using only an outlineno teleprompter. Maybe you saw the teleprompter version already on YouTube or one of my social channels. (If not, check it out using the button below).

If you’ve watch them both, then it’s time for a verdict. Which one did you think was better? Did you find yourself relating more to one or the other? Was it better when I read the script to you or just shared the ideas with you?🙋‍♀️

Head back to my YouTube channel and share your vote. Did you prefer the teleprompter read or the info being related to you using an outline? Read or Relate?📖

👇Click the button below to head back to the other video where you can comment.

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