Powerful Techniques for Videos

It’s SO common in our communication you probably don’t notice it. It’s common because it WORKS. But, are you leaving it out of YOUR videos?I’m talking about storytelling. 📖

Want to learn how it’s done? On April 22nd I’m hosting a 3-Hour Live, Virtual Workshop to show you how to use storytelling to ‘Deepen Audience Connection and Boost the Know-Like-Trust Factor So You Can Convert With Ease.’ 🎓

Here’s what we’ll cover:
• How to be intentional without sounding inauthentic or manipulative.
• When and where to use storytelling in videos of various lengths.
• The craft of expertly connecting your story to the purpose of your video.
• 5 different styles of storytelling to ensure your videos don’t all feel the same.

✨BONUS: Get the downloadable eBook: Story Styles Guide
• Matching the right story style to your audience and video platform.
• Idea generation strategies that will mean you NEVER run out of stories to share.

✨BONUS: Get 20 Story Prompts + Story Generation Strategies as a takeaway PDF so you create a bottomless well of ideas!

This is not a free workshop. I’m charging a small fee because I believe this is powerful info and I want to make sure you don’t forget about it and miss out. I promise to deliver huge value and get you ready to supercharge your videos with storytelling right away. If you come and don’t think I’ve delivered — I’ll fully refund your $27 registration fee. 💯 Deal? Good.

See you April 22ND from 9 AM – NOON (Pacific). Click now to grab your spot!

p.s. If you can’t make it on the day, I’ve created a VIP option that ensures you’ll get the content and the support you need to nail this! Click the link and select VIP to access the Recordings+Resources+Coaching.


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