Have you ever heard of the game ‘Sardines’? It was kind of like the reverse of ‘Hide and Seek’ and we used to play it all the time as kids. Have you ever played it? Or was this just something that existed in my little neighborhood back in the 70s?

The reason I ask is because I see a lot of entrepreneurs playing hide and seek with their videos. They make their videos and then they either don’t release them or they quietly release them to just their friends. 

I get it. I used to do this too. I would painstakingly hand select who I wanted to see my videos by going through my list of Facebook friends and either checking or not checking their box. You can’t believe how time-consuming this was… and yet, I was doing it. 

Why? The simple answer is fear. 

And the more I meet entrepreneurs and talk to them about video marketing, the more I realize I was not alone. 

Well, maybe in the checking of individuals one at a time… I may have been alone on that front.

But overall, hiding videos is a really common issue. It stems from a discomfort with being visible online. With a general fear of actually being seen. And that fear comes from the fear of being judged. If people can’t see us, they can’t judge us, right? This fear of judgement, the fear of putting yourself out there and being seen can keep super valuable information and ideas in the shadows. And, it can keep entrepreneurs playing small and limiting their impact. 

Which is exactly why I created the group Show Up+Be Seen: Female Entrepreneur Community to Boost Visibility + Scale.

If you’re a female entrepreneur looking to connect with other female entrepreneurs willing to get and give support around being more visible, I’d love to see you join this free group. With some support and accountability, we can get your message out there where it can do some good. No more hiding.