How to Shoot Videos Faster

How many takes do you give yourself to get a video right? 

Do you find yourself doing take after take after take as your try to get your videos perfect? 

If you’re shaking your head and thinking, ‘too many!’ then you are not alone. I hear this all the time from the clients I work with. They tell me that not only do they do countless takes but they feel like by the time they’re done, the words have lost their meaning. And you know what that means… they never release the video. 

It’s challenging.

The more takes you do, the worse your videos get. You might get things right but lose all the authenticity. Then, it really won’t be effective. But the most frustrating part about all of this is the amount of time it takes. 

I’ve got three tips to help you get your videos done faster, they work for me and they work for the women I support. Let’s get you some of your time back! 

Go Live, embrace the moment.

Nothing will teach you to embrace imperfection better than going live on one of your social media feeds! With live videos, you learn through experience how to keep things rolling and ignore the natural bumbles and mistakes along the way. Mistakes DO happen. You’re human, and your ideal audience knows that too. 

Of course, you’ll want to have a strategy and an outline before you click go live. This allows you to stick to your video’s intention (did you check out my recent vlog about intentional videos?) without losing your way. 

Going live will help you feel more confident about not being perfect (because that fear of making mistakes is what’s causing your to do take after take!)  

Set Limits.

Try only allowing yourself a certain number of takes. Set a limit on how many times you can try again and stick to it. 

Personally, I only allow myself one extra take after the first clean take (which is when I get all the way through) That’s it, one more for performance. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Ever. 

Edits Are Okay.

Yes, you may need to edit your video and that’s fine — especially for longer videos. Make sure you get a clean first half, then re-do the second half if you need. Stop tossing out the entire video because it’s not quite perfect, or because the tail end didn’t work. Fix it! 

 There you have it.

My top three tips for how to shoot your videos faster:

  • get comfortable with being imperfect by going live
  • set a limit on the number of takes you allow yourself
  • edit if you have to, don’t throw it all away

Lack of confidence is one of the biggest time wasters I see affecting entrepreneurs using video in their marketing. I hope these tips help get your videos done faster, so you can publish more consistently. And that is when you’ll start to gain traction with your videos. 

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