The Secret to Creating Loyal ‘Frients’

When you have the courage to be 100% real, magic happens. The kind of magic that turns viewers into loyal fans and customers. The kind of magic that lands you a huge community of ‘frients’ (friend+clients). The kind of magic that can 23x the size of your audience in a matter of weeks.

Nikki Hunter discovered this by showing up for her community to answer a question in a Facebook Live demonstration. Her intentions were to serve the best way she knew how and the results were so surprising, she kept doing it.

But this video strategy came after a long journey to being comfortable in her own skin. Both figuratively and literally. After a promising career as a make-up artist landed her with serious skin health issues, she had to pivot – for her sake and for women in general. She looked deeper into the cosmetics industry and decided that for her, and she guessed for many other women, it was time to clean up the daily beauty routine. She created a store that grew into an online store that turned into a green beauty movement.

Now as the “Director of Shenanigans,” for The Green Vanity she has found a way to show up as herself in videos and a podcast, to share important information through her blog and newsletters, and to create space for those who need it. All because she was able to shift from the traditional products and constructs of the beauty industry to help women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.