Raid Your Content Vault for Video Ideas 

If you’re struggling to come up with topics, In this video, I share a strategy I’ve found extremely useful. When was the last time you reflected on all of the content you already have?

You may have heard me speak about idea generation before, and this strategy takes that step out of the equation for you! I’ve never talked about this one, but it’s both easy to do and valuable.

Let me tell you what inspired this idea.

I was on a call with a coaching client who’s been in business for over 2 decades. I reminded her that she’s got twenty years worth of content!  I hate to burst your ego-bubble but your fans aren’t going to remember everything you’ve ever published. And, new fans may not have seen your older content. So, why not put it back into play? 

Your treasure chest is likely more full than you realize.

Raid your content vault! If your older content is still ON brand today, then it’s perfectly good to be upcycled or recreated into a new video.

You can also take one of these old pieces of content and add an anecdote. Adding a new story or a timely spin (maybe tying it to current events) can really help to bring the idea together. Remember: you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, especially when there are plenty of good wheels to switch out.

The best part about this is that it’s not cheating, it’s not lazy – it’s strategy. Your ideal clients need to hear (and re-hear) this content, whether it was a couple years ago or a few months ago. Sometimes people need to hear a message repeated multiple times (or in conjunction with something that is going on for them right now) for the message to hit home. Or for them to actually ‘get the picture’.

In fact, I was speaking to a coaching client recently and reminding her of the importance of relationship based marketing. We’d been talking about this idea for awhile, and it seemed to make sense, but she was still not 100% on board.

I told her video content is like dating.

Most people wouldn’t want to meet someone in the bar and have them ask you to come home with them right away. They want to be wooed first. That’s when the penny dropped and she said, “Oh! I need to flirt with them a little more!”

It all clicked. But, it took multiple messages to make it click. 

Here’s my challenge to you: Raid your content vault and post a video! 

You probably have lots of content that is both valuable and usable. Head into your content vault (think old newsletters, blogs, emails, webinars, and videos). Find a way to make a new video using the same content or concept. This is going to save you a ton of time, and I’m excited to hear how it goes.

If you do take my challenge, please tag me and let me know you did! I’d love to support your content.

And, if editing old videos feels like a challenge right now, try checking out this video to see if it helps. 

Need more help creating a video marketing strategy? I’d love to connect with you and give you a hand.