Are You Too Pushy in Videos?

I see and hear it all the time. Entrepreneurs get so excited about their business that they create videos about their services, their offers, their process, their background… and all of this is great except they are forgetting one key thing – to connect with their audience!πŸ‘€

There is a huge difference between ads and content but so many entrepreneurs struggle to separate them.😀

And, as a result, their videos fizzle because, well, who wants to watch an ad?πŸ€”

In this video (recorded live on FB), I want to help clarify the difference so that you can start creating videos that will pull people in, instead of you pushing their message on them.πŸ“Œ

βœ…Let me know in the comments if this video has helped shift the way you think about your video marketing. If you want some personal help making the shift, book a free Video Marketing Mapping Session with me.

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