Is Perfectionism Good or Bad for Business?

It’s a catch-22 for A-types. We demand a lot from ourselves and those around us and that helps us build amazing businesses. But, it can also get in the way when we don’t know how to get past our perfectionism and put the videos out that we need to in order to grow our authority, build trust, and sell with ease. 

So, is perfectionism a credit or a curse? 

When it comes to video, it’s a curse. Firstly, because SO many entrepreneurs use it to procrastinate in getting their videos out there. It can cripple them from making or releasing videos (which means they’re missing out on one of the most effective from of digital marketing out there). 

Secondly, even if you managed to achieve perfectionism in your videos – it’s going to hurt your video performance, not help it!

How did I come up with that? Let me show my work – math exam style. 

Statistics show that authentic videos are more appealing to audiences. 

+ Nobody’s perfect. 

= Videos that are perfect come across as inauthentic. 

Sit with that for a second because your ego is going to want to fight it… being perfect in videos is not authentic. Perfect is not preferred. 

Wow, Right?

I can hear you now, ‘yeah, but… my brand, my audience, my reputation…’

Get over it. People don’t want you to be perfect. 

Think back to when you were a kid. Did you ever hear or use the term ‘little miss perfect…’? I’ll admit it, I heard it – and it hurt just like it was intended to. 

Think about that perfect student – the one who got the best grades, won the attendance award year over year, always looked put together with nice, new clothes and good hair, and was the teacher’s pet.

That kid was not well liked. 

We are creatures of comparison. We don’t like to feel inferior. So, we reject those perfect people as being ‘not one of us’. 

And yet, we still strive to be perfect.

It’s no surprise that studies have found that perfectionists are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, and higher levels of stress. This can impact not just their mental health but their physical health too.   

And yet, we still strive to be perfect. 

So, forget about the argument that perfect is impossible and embrace the idea that accepting your imperfection as being preferable (and healthier). That imperfect is actually perfect. 

Now, get out there and make some imperfect videos! Your audience will love them, you’ll build your trust-factor faster, and your business will benefit.  

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