Are You Overprotective with Your Video Content?

There are a lot of things that get in our way when it comes to creating videos and putting ourselves out there for our business.

I’ve heard a lot of reasons and excuses why we don’t want to create and share videos. They range from fear of judgment to imposter syndrome to uncertainty around messaging and a fear of failure.

Basically, it comes down to some kind of fear.

I’m not immune to it. In fact, it’s something I’ve been dealing with for a very long long time which I was reminded of when I stumbled on an object from my teenage years.

Who’s up for a bit of symbolism?

Check out what I found when I was decluttering my jewelry box — and what it has to do with female entrepreneurs doing video marketing.

This pendant (which is in the brutalist artistic style created by Guy Vidal) reminds me that when we protect ourselves too much, we withhold sharing our gifts with the world.

🧱 What are your walls made of? What stops YOU from putting videos out?

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