A Free, On-Demand Masterclass for Female Entrepreneurs

Here is What You’ll Learn in this Masterclass:

The Secret to Video-Confidence

Learn 3 important ways to CONQUER YOUR FEAR about getting on camera

so you can confidently share your message through video content marketing.

Strategies to Decrease On-Camera Anxiety

The fear is real and it’s common! But, we don’t have to succumb to it.

Discover strategies to keep you calm and focused when delivering your

message on camera.

The Importance of Video Marketing in 2021

Find out why NOW is the most important time to embrace video marketing

for growing your business. And, learn the strategies that are working right now

for female entrepreneurs like you.

How to Use Video to Build Relationships

If you’re going to put yourself out there, you want to make sure your videos

are effective. Discover the simple strategy REFRAME that will 10X effective nice

and boost the know, like, trust factor.

Silencing the Inner-Critic

Learn my personal PRE-RECORD RITUAL that will help you reject negative self-talk

so you can get our of your own way and consistently create videos.

Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

‘Just do it!’ may seem like a great rally cry but that can lead to videos that fall flat.

Instead, avoid mistakes and just do it right, instead.

About Valerie McTavish

Valerie McTavish has helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs go from video-resistant to video-confident. Her strategies and tools enable them to grow their reach, build their personal brand, and increase their sales…even if they hate being on camera.

She uses her decades of experience in video, advertising, and live television production as well as her 9 years working as a content marketing strategist to empower women to take full advantage of one of the most effective means of connecting with their audience and marketing themselves – video.

As an award-winning producer and script-writer, she knows how to use stories to engage an audience. Her years working in advertising have also given her keen insight into the art of persuasion which is essential for effective videos.

Valerie holds a BA in communications from Simon Fraser University, continues to work as a freelance columnist for CBC Radio, and loves to travel the world (and can’t wait to get back to that).