Tired of Hearing ‘Why Don’t You Just…’

They mean well, they really do. You know, those people who hear that you’re not doing videos and then say, “Why don’t you just…”

The thing is, they don’t understand what you’re really going through. They don’t see that it’s not that easy. When it comes to video, there are plenty of reasons ‘why you don’t, just…’

If you’re a female entrepreneur, I hate to break it to you but there are even more reasons for you. Many women are dealing with the confidence gap. They may not see that gap on a day-to-day basis so when it shows up every time they go to do a video, it leaves them feeling like there is something wrong with them. And then, someone says, why don’t you just… I’m here to tell you that it’s okay if you can’t ‘just do video’.

I’m here to tell you that what your feeling is common and is not something you should be ashamed about.

But I’m also here to tell you that you don’t have to continue to let this lack of confidence keep you from taking advantage of video marketing to grow your business.

Here’s the first step in gaining that confidence. Get super clear on the what, why, where, and who of your video strategy. In this video, I share some of the key things you need to gain clarity on with regards to video so that you can get confident about your message and your plan. This is the first step in being confident enough to start using video to grow your business.

The next step is to get past the mental blocks that you have about videos and how you look and sound on video. This mindset piece is the game changer when it comes to getting video-confident.

All of this is what we cover in the Video Marketing Mastery program and you can start right away. The next step is for you to book a call so we can chat about you, your business, your goals and then decide together whether the Video Marketing Mastery program is ‘just’ what you need. Click the button to access my calendar and book your no-obligation call. 


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