3 Tips for Creating Effective Instagram Reels

When a platform like Instagram tells you they are going to share your content more if you make them Reels, it’s pretty obvious that you should be doing more Reels.

Instagram Reels are a great way to use video to expand your reach and attract new potential customers. They can serve as that very first step in building up your know-like-and-trust factor.

But, knowing it’s a good idea to do Instagram Reels and actually doing them, are two different things. I know a lot of people have real Reels resistance. They’re just not comfortable doing them!

Let’s fix that!

Kimberly Clark is an Instagram Reels Coach. In this episode of The Show Up + Be Seen Show, she shares 3 key tips for creating effective and strategic Instagram Reels.

But, even though she’s a huge fan of Reels and also does a ton of Instagram lives, she admits she wasn’t always comfortable. She shares what she did to get over her hang-ups with going live, and how they have transformed her business.

Be sure to watch this episode to learn:

  • Why Reels should be done in conjunction with other video content
  • The importance of consistency with Reels
  • Kim’s top tips for getting started with Reels
  • The potential danger that Instagram Reels poses to your brand

Thanks to Kimberley for sharing her expertise on Instagram. You can connect with her on Instagram or grab her free Instagram Reels resource HERE.

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