Navigating from Corporate to Entrepreneurship

For a lot of accomplished professionals, the lure of entrepreneurship is strong. And, for many, they think their confidence in the boardroom will translate directly to their world. Bit it doesn’t always work like that.
Colleen Jeffs found that out the hard way when she decided to leave her career as a project manager to follow her dream of being an entrepreneur. What she discovered was that she was going from established to unknown and the only way to build her community and client list was to be her own cheerleader.

In this episode of The Show Up + Be Seen Show, Colleen shares:

  • The challenges of entering the entrepreneurial space as an introverted professional.
  • The importance of shifting your professional social media profiles to your new identity.
  • The one question she asks herself every time she needs to be brave in her actions.
  • Why you need to let go of the ties to your past profession.
  • The benefits of going live and putting yourself out there (even when nobody’s watching).

A big thank-you to Colleen for sharing her experience and for being an inspiration to introverts and transitioning professionals alike.

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