Get Out of Your Business Fog  

Have you ever felt like you’re just stuck in your business not sure of the path ahead? 

A client recently described her current business outlook as “foggy”, and that struck a chord for me.

How many entrepreneurs go through periods where they feel like they can’t see the way forward, like they are stuck?

I took this analogy and ran with it here because there’s actually some good science out there about getting through the fog. And, we can apply it to our business and marketing strategies too.

How do you get unstuck? How do you get through those foggy patches in your business? I’ve come up with three ways to get through the fog (real and proverbial).

Tip #1: Change the way you see.

Fog has been studied a lot, and one of the things found about the human eye – it focuses on the fog. this is called the Mandelbaum effect, and it means we can’t really see what’s coming. This has been studied with drivers and accidents. It was discovered here is that our eyes focus on what’s nearer, rather than what’s safer.

Our eyes focus on the foggy window, instead of at the space on the road right ahead. It’s much safer to look for the shapes and shadows in the distance.

Bringing it to your business, If you’re ever not sure about a decision that needs to be made today, try to lengthen your vision. Change your gaze to what’s further ahead, and stop focusing on what’s right immediately in front of you.

Pilots needed to learn how to do this, because early in aviation history fog was a big problem. They used rivers, roads, and railways to guide their way.

Tip #2: If you can’t see your way forward, use the data that you have at hand.

Speaking of aviation, fog flying or “flying blind” was a major issue, something that a lot of money was spent on trying to solve. How can you fly when you can’t see? Pilots would get disoriented, suffer from vertigo, often they were not sure which way was up or down.

The answer wasn’t one piece of equipment or two, it was a variety. They began to use things like the horizon and gyrocompasses, so they could navigate their way through the clouds. so now today, they can fly in those conditions.

You need to figure out your way forward using the information available to you. In video, we do this by looking at our data and insights. Video provides a wealth of quantitative and qualitative information.

Tip #3: When faced with fog, keep moving through it.

Trust that you are on the right path. This one isn’t as scientific, but it’s proven true. I’ve seen it with many of my own experiences, and of the entrepreneurs I work with. 

If you trust your strategy, and keep moving forward with confidence, I know you will get through the fog. You need to find the confidence to trust yourself and move forward.

3 Steps to Get Out of Fog

1: Focus on the distance, look toward the future.

2: Use the data and information available to you.

3: Have trust in the process and keep moving forward.

Am I missing anything? I’d love to know, feel free to send me an email or book a session to connect.

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