Embarrassing Story Alert

You have stories, right? Things have happened to you. You’ve seen things. You’ve heard about things. These are all stories. 📖

Some are uplifting, some are heartbreaking, and some are embarrassing (like the one I share in this video). 🙈

Whether they’re epic tales or just little anecdotes, these stories hold power. They can significantly increase the recall and effectiveness of your content. 👍

But, you need to learn how to shape them and share them effectively. And, most importantly, you need to tell your stories with context. You want these stories to serve you, your business, or your brand. 🏨

Want to start harnessing the power of storytelling to make your videos more memorable and effective? Join me for a 3-hour workshop on Friday morning (9-noon Pacific time). It’s just $27 and you’ll discover the different story styles to use (plus, you can download my book Story Styles Guide), how to find stories to share (I’m also giving you 20 Story Prompts to help you with that), and find out how to expertly insert these stories into your content with CONTEXT so you leave your viewer with a lasting (and on-brand) message. ✅

Grab your seat now: https://members.valeriemctavish.com/strategic-storytelling-for-video-marketing


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