Why I Broke Up With My Business

Breaking up is tough. 😥

Whether it’s a relationship, a business partnership, or piece of your business — deciding to end things can cause all kinds of emotional struggles. 🙎‍♀️

You know what I mean? It’s the back and forth, weighing the pros and cons, those moments of ‘maybe we should try one more thing’ and then trying the thing and thinking, maybe one more try… 😓

It can be exhausting especially when you really love what you’ve created. 😒

This is what I’ve been going through for the past little while with an online business I started with a partner back in 2015. It included a membership, online courses, and content supported by affiliates. It was a good business that made money from year one… but it was time to let it go. 😔

In this video, I share how we finally came to the decision to shut things down. 💪

It was hard to say goodbye to our community of yoga teachers. To close the doors on an online academy with dozens of valuable courses. To walk away from affiliate revenue. And, it was hard to dissolve a powerful and inspiring business partnership. 🤩

Have you ever had to end a business? Break up with a business partner? Say goodbye to a community? Close an offer or a part of your business? Let something go so that new doors could open? How did you decide? Please share below. ⬇️


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