Are You Holding Back?

I get it. Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing videos. You’re having a bad hair day. The negative self-talk is winning. You’re sure that nobody will miss it if you don’t do a video today. Sometimes, you think, ‘what’s the point?’

Here’s the thing. You don’t always know what the point is. You don’t always know when there is someone in your community who needs to hear from you today. 

Let’s look at it differently. What is the problem that you solve with your business or product? What if someone walked up to you and had the exact problem that you solve.

You’d help them right?

What if that person didn’t know to walk up to you and was just wandering around looking for solutions to their problem. You’d want them to know that you can help them, right? 

These may seem like arbitrary ideas but this is exactly what is NOT happening when you decide not to create videos for your business.

You are not helping. You are not findable by the very person you are in business to help. 

So, the next time you think your videos don’t matter or that there’s no point in sharing – remember there is someone out there who needs to hear your message today. Someone who is looking for the very solution you have to offer. 

And, that’s a little more important than not having a perfect hair day, succumbing to self-doubt, or feeling low on energy.