Visibility and the Dreaded Curse of Expectations

How many expectations are you trying to live up to? And, what’s that doing to your confidence and ability to be more visible? 🤔

Expectations can feel like a heavy weight. Whether it’s the expectations we place on ourselves, the expectations we think others have of us, or the expectations of our friends and family – living up to these expectations can be a challenge. 🏔️

Are these expectations even real or are they a story we’ve made up? And, if they are not real, do we need to live up to them? What if living up to them (or living in fear of not living up to them) is keeping us from being visible for our business? 🙋‍♀️

These are the questions we tackle in this episode of The Show Up + Be Seen Show with guest Kristy Carruthers, founder of SHEcorporated. 💃

On this episode, Kristy shares the revelation she had around expectations that allowed her to face her fear of judgment and get out of her own way so that she could stop hiding in her own business. 😨

Cut to, years later and she’s grown a successful online business serving women as they grow their own business. Imagine how many women would still be struggling if she hadn’t taken those first baby steps in getting visible. 😎

Click play if you want to learn:

    • How to reframe your ideas around the expectations of others
    • The baby-steps approach to getting visible
    • The power of being more visible in growing a business

Thanks to Kristy for being an inspiration, and for sharing her story and tips on the show. You can connect with Kristy through her website:

And on Facebook here:

What expectations have held you back? Are they your expectations or someone elses?