If you want your video marketing to be effective, you need it to be consistent. One of the best ways to stay consistent is to use a video content calendar. 🗓️

👧Many of the female entrepreneurs I meet know this but they either don’t know how to get started or they have a content calendar and aren’t using it. In this video, I share the 3 main steps in creating an effective video content calendar.

The main steps for creating your content calendar are:

  1. Generating Video Topics. Make sure these are relevant to your ideal customer. I like to create a 90-day calendar each time I sit down to fill in my video content calendar so you will also need to know how many video topics (based on your strategy and the number of videos you are publishing each week or month) you will need to develop.😲
  2. Populate Your Calendar. Make sure you first save some space for any promotions or launches you have coming up and then be strategic with how you place your video ideas on your calendar.📆
  3. Create a Production Plan. A calendar is powerless if you don’t have a plan on how you will produce the videos you committed to publishing in your calendar. Make room in your real calendar and be realistic about how much you can actually produce (while still running your growing business!)🎯

📌I like to have all three of these steps in one place. I use Asana for this. My Asana Content Calendar Template includes idea generation, my publication calendar, and my production plan. Would you like access to this Video Content Calendar Template? It’s included in my 90-Day Content Calendar Workshop.

⌚This is a 3-hour workshop for female entrepreneurs where we will through each of the 3 steps and I’ll show you how to use the Video Content Calendar Template effectively.

This is an interactive workshop happening on Aug. 30 from 8-11am Pacific. Come prepared to create your calendar! Together we will brainstorm video topic ideas (specific to your business), place them effectively and strategically on the calendar, and create a production plan you can actually execute.🙌

📹The workshop is $27 which includes the live group workshop (on Zoom), the Asana Video Content Calendar Template, and a recording of the sessions so you can revisit in 90 days when it’s time to continue building your calendar. Plus, I’m offering a money-back guarantee to all who attend – if you’re not satisfied, I’ll give you your money back and you can keep the template.

✅Learn more and sign up here: