Watch This if you Hate Being on Camera

Attention Female Entrepreneurs! It’s time to finally stop avoiding video marketing. It’s time to start using it to grow your business.

I meet so many entrepreneurs who have been meaning to do video but just haven’t figured out a plan. 🤔

Or, they’re doing videos *kind of* but not getting results. 🤷‍♀️

I get it. Creating a video plan can be overwhelming. And, let’s be honest, putting yourself out there on video can be a bit daunting — especially if you’re not sure that it will even work!

But video is too powerful to ignore.
✅ It increases your reach (because it’s favored by social media and search engines)
✅ It allows you to connect with your ideal customer and build the know-like-trust factor
✅ It draws in your ideal customers and speeds up your sales process
✅ It makes you more memorable and sharable
👉Basically, it streamlines your entire customer journey.

So, if you’re tired of putting it off, I have a no-more-excuses offer for you.

I’ll walk you through the 9 steps to video marketing mastery in a LIVE 2-day workshop.

Yep, we’re going to cover everything you need to get clear on your video plan, be confident in your message, and start sharing videos consistently for maximum results.

📅 It’s happening on January 7/8. These will be two jam-packed days of building your video plan and making sure that it will be effective and executable.

Plus, you’ll get worksheets for all of your notes during the workshop AND a 65-page workbook that will transform into your comprehensive Video Plan.

And the best part? It’s only $297. 😲

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