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one on one consulting

Fast Track – 3 Month Intensive Digital Strategy

$5,000.00 plus GST

Product Description

A 3 month commitment to fast tracking your digital marketing strategy. Over the course of this 3 month intensive, we will:

  • Assess your business digital activities (if any)
  • Determine what’s working and what’s not
  • Look at industry leaders
  • Create a robust digital marketing strategy which may include market research, social media development, content development, email list building and content strategy, and potentially product development or sales strategies.
  • Ensure strategy is in line with business strategy and core values
  • Commence execution of strategy (setting up automation, training the team and/or getting comfortable with various platforms)
  • Assess effectiveness and tweak as needed

This program is one on one consultation with a focus on quick results. We start with a 3 hour discovery meeting, then meet weekly for 45 minutes with ongoing email support throughout the remaining 3 months.

Prices in $CDN plus taxes.


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