Video Marketing Mastery Coach Valerie McTavish


Nov. 20/21, 2020

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs to Amplify their Video Marketing so that they can Boost their Know-Like-Trust Factor and Make Sales with Ease.

It’s Time to Finally Put Video to Work for Your Business! Let’s do it in 2 Days Flat!

What is Video Resistance?

  • You know the value of video marketing and want your business to benefit but you JUST. CAN’T. DO. IT.
  • The idea of ‘putting yourself out there’ gives you anxiety.
  • You’ve tried to do videos in the past but they didn’t move the needle for your business and weren’t worth doing.
  • Learning the skills to create videos (lighting, camera, mics, editing…) seems too daunting and overwhelming.

If you said yes to one or more of these questions then I need to share a bit of a hard truth with you – you have video resistance. Willpower alone is likely not going to get you creating effective videos consistently for your business. And that means, you’ll be missing out on the expanded reach, authority boost, and increased sales that a strategic (and implemented) video plan can deliver. 

I don’t want that for you & I hate that female entrepreneurs deal with this more than their male counterparts!

That’s why I created the Video Marketing Confidence and Mastery Framework – and why I’m sharing it over these 2 days exclusively with female entrepreneurs. 


Video Marketing Coach

Strategic Video Can Change the Game


Increase Reach + Engagement

Whether your videos live permanently on your website or populate your social media feeds, they will increase the number of people who know who you are! Plus, when your videos are intentional, they garner far more engagement which fosters your relationship with your customers.

Convert with Ease

People like to buy from people that they know, like, and trust. When you consistently share valuable videos, your audience begins to see you as a friend. The relationship-building approach to content marketing greatly improves the ease of sales or, as I like to say, the obvious next step. 


Video marketing is the most powerful when it is done with intention and consistency. This program not only provides the tools you need to consistently produce effective videos, it also offers the accountability and guidance to keep moving forward. 

Boost Authority

If you’re building a business or your personal brand, you want people to trust you. Video is an excellent way to share your knowledge so that people see you as an expert. The more you share, the more they will love you and see that you are the one to work with. 


Uncertainty is one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs. Will their efforts be rewarded? That’s why clarity is so important and in this program, you will get clear on your purpose, your plan, and your message with support and feedback every step of the way. 


All the best-laid plans can be waylaid by a lack of confidence. Every step in this program is designed to move you closer to the certainty you need to create and consistently release videos with total confidence – even if that nasty inner-critic usually gets in the way!

Transformational Experiences

Video Marketing Valerie McTavish


to Video Marketing Confidence & Mastery


The exact steps you need to follow to create an effective custom video marketing strategy and execute it with total confidence.

1. Big Picture

We start the program zoomed out and looking at the big picture of how video marketing will serve your ambitions.

2. Target Audience

For videos to have maximum impact they need to speak directly to your ideal customer. In this session, we get hyper-focused on your target audience.

3. The Plan

Having a video marketing strategy will clearly lay out the who, what, why, where, and when of your video efforts.

4. Message Mastery

Your messaging can make or break your video efforts. This section will get your messaging dialed in.

5. Gear + Skills

Determine the equipment you will need (if any) and learn the skills to use it.

6. Mindset + Confidence

It’s time to dig deep and face what’s been keeping you from creating videos. By the end of this session you’ll have the tools to become unstoppable!

7. Produce

You’re ready to start producing videos! But, we want to make sure you do it as efficiently as possible so in this session we’ll cover strategies and efficiencies.

8. Publish + Promote

The next step (and one that many struggle with) is publishing your videos consistently (with a content calendar) & promoting with a precise strategy.

9. Leverage + Learn

Smart entrepreneurs know how to make their content keep working for them. That’s what we’ll tackle in this session to set you up for continued success. 


Every female entrepreneur who has followed this framework says they feel more confident as a result.

Before Video Marketing Mastery my biggest hang-up with videos was…everything – LOTS to understand and camera/stage fright and now I’m confident that I can do this! I’m not nearly as self-conscious and I’ve learned gobs!


Before I became a Video Marketing Master, my biggest hang-up with videos was finding the right words to say and now I’m confident that I can send a message without worrying.


“Before I became a Video Marketing Master, my biggest hang-up with videos was not being able to talk in front of the camera and now I’m confident that I can create videos that are not going to be perfect but engaging .”


Why Should You Trust Me? Good Question!

video script template

Hi, I’m Valerie McTavish and I help female entrepreneurs go from video-resistant to totally video-confident. My strategies and tools enable them to expand their reach, build their personal brand, and increase their sales…even if they hate being on camera. 

How do I do that? I use my decades of experience in video, advertising, and live television production as well as 8 years working as a content marketing strategist to unlock clarity and confidence. My goal is to empower women to take full advantage of one of the most effective means of connecting with their audience and marketing themselves – video. 

I’ve got lots of accolades – like multiple awards as a producer and script-writer but that’s not what my clients love about working with me. They love that I’m committed to their success and that I’m always ready with an example so that they fully understand the concepts behind intentional video marketing.  

I have a BA in Communication from Simon Fraser University, continue to work as a freelance columnist for CBC Radio, and I love to travel the world – and can’t wait to get back on the road! In the meantime, I fill my time hiking, kayaking, and enjoy living in a place that most people come to for vacation. 

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