valerie mctavish based in Kelowna

Me, in Short…

After earning my degree in communication, I set out to change the world of media. And then the media world changed. That’s when I realized that a career is not a destination but journey. So far, I’ve made stops along the way in live television, print and radio journalism, documentary and film production, advertising, marketing, small business management, media training, and content creation. Over the past few years, I’ve rolled all of these experiences together to provide content marketing strategy development and consultation. Far from a final destination, the landscape here is constantly changing and that keeps me constantly learning. As my clients got bigger, I wanted a way to continue to work with businesses, specifically female entrepreneurs, who were still growing their businesses. So, I created Wayfinder Mastermind to share what I’d learned about content marketing and leveraging video for marketing in an accessible, supportive, and accountable way. Leading masterminds and seeing the results gives me great joy. That’s the short story of me.

Me, at Length…

I’m a born communicator. At the age of 10, I decided I wanted to be a writer and spent hours coming up with stories (replete with plot outlines and in depth character descriptions). I spent my summer vacation writing articles too about the things that were happening around me – not that they were published anywhere. If you’d asked me then what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said writer.

Flash forward and my answer to what I want to be when I grow up is a little more complicated. I want to always be learning. I want to tell meaningful stories in unconventional ways. I want my stories to help people live better lives. I want to express myself creatively. I want to be a motivator and a nurturer of creative expression in general. And, I still want to be a novelist.

The best part is that I have already been a lot of things – more to the ongoing first desire to never stop learning. So far, I’ve been an television producer, a radio host, a radio producer, a podcast host and producer, a journalistic writer, a blogger, the head of advertising production, a film producer, a mastermind leader, a spontaneity expert, a product developer, a digital marketing strategist and small business consultant and an entrepreneur.

Outside of my work, I’m a world traveler (okay, I’m a travel addict), a knitter, a jewelry maker, a nature-lover, a marathoner, a triathlete, a skier, a swimmer, a vegetarian, a kombucha brewer, a wellness freak (too much so for some) and life-partner to a pretty awesome dude.

That’s me in a nutshell.

As you can see, I don’t fit into much of a mold. I’m a bit of a chameleon and that works well for my clients. I try really hard to adjust my style to suit their motivational and learning needs and their own style of communication. However, I’m not soft. When a client commits to working with me, they can count on me calling them out. I’ll be the first to question their choices (even if I agree with them) to ensure that they’re well thought out. And, I hold my clients accountable to the timelines and goals they commit to.

I get invested in my clients success. I truly see it as my success. So, I make myself available for consultation, I’m quick with ideas and solutions and I take the time to dig deeper so that we know we are solving the right problem.

When I was ten, I thought I wanted to be a writer. What I didn’t know then was that writing would only be part of the communications equation. When I became a producer in my twenties, I thought I had found my calling. What I didn’t know then was that producing is just a way for communicators to package a story. Now I understand that my calling to help others tell their stories in an effective and impactful way. And ultimately, that’s what marketing is all about.

Quirky Valerie McTavish Facts

I made that necklace in my picture

I eloped to New York City and got married during a heat wave in Central Park

I've completed 6 marathons and 1 half Ironman

I can't draw worth stink. Not even a stick man. Barely a smiley face.

I've been to over 60 countries and counting (translation: I'm a travel addict)

The question I hear too often: How do you know that? (answer: I don't know!)

I've never broken a bone *knocks on wood*

If there were a contest for least musical, I'd be a serious contender

I have a bad habit of knitting birthday presents

When I was young I wanted to be a designer under the label Mikki Starr

I'm in a girl bike gang (we ladies love to cycle on Sunday mornings)

I became a vegetarian at age 10 (much to my parents' dismay)

People are always surprised to discover that I'm 5'2" tall

Seeing someone get a standing ovation is likely to make me tear up

As a child, I played softball, ringette, did gymnastics and ski raced

A large portion of my memory is filled with lyrics from the 80's

I'm allergic to red wine (white's just fine, I've checked a few times)

I love to read but I don't have a favourite book

I once lost my shirt while bungee jumping. Literally.

Stranded on a Greek island, I slept in a cave with chickens

I prefer the cool shade to direct sunshine