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Wayfinder Mastermind

Wayfinder Mastermind is a collective of 4 – 6 ambitious online entrepreneurs who gather twice a month to support each other and learn about the steps of developing products or services and attracting customers so that they can increase their profitability.

Led by Valerie McTavish, this group is a 6 month commitment.

Find Your Way to Success


Imagine you’re clinging to a cliff…

You’ve climbed part way up because you want to get to the top. Now you’re looking around for your next move. You might tentatively reach for a handhold and pull yourself up. Test out a foothold to see if it’s stable but it fills you with doubt. You could stay put for a while and enjoy the view  but eventually you’re going to need to make a move.

Now imagine there’s someone down below. Someone who, from their perspective, can easily see the routes available to you. They can see the challenging but direct one, the safe and steady one, and the one that goes nowhere. They shout up with a few of your options, suggesting routes that might not be obvious from your perspective. Encourage you to go for it.

As you reach for that next step you feel a little tug and your confidence swells. There’s a whole group holding your rope and they have you. If you fall, they won’t let you fall far. They’re your support. You have to pick the route and actually do the climbing but they’ve got your back.

This is a not so subtle analogy but navigating your business can be just like this. That’s why I created the Wayfinder Mastermind group. So I can help you see the possible ways up that cliff and ensure that you do it confidently with the support of a group who really want to see you get to the top.

Why Join the Wayfinder Mastermind Group

Accountability and Support

Setting goals is the easy part. Following through on them is often the challenge. One of the greatest benefits of a mastermind group is the accountability and set timeline it provides. While this may seem like a lot of pressure, there is also support and encouragement from the whole group and the leader. Digital hugs and high-fives will be plentiful.

Learn New Skills

The digital marketing landscape changes fast. From new Facebook algorithms to SEO tricks to marketing tactics hitting the over-use mark. In our Facebook group and before each meeting, new skills with be shared and the latest trends explored. Curating and processing all of this information can easily dominate time better spent actually working in your business. Let me distill it down for you.

Time Management

One of the biggest challenges in running an online business is time management. Investing time in this group will reduce time lost to uncertainty or wasted on unnecessary tasks. You’ll also gain time through a better understanding of your next steps and with quick access to your support network.

Product Development

A lot of time, money and energy can be wasted on developing a product or service that nobody wants. In this mastermind, you’ll learn how to properly assess the viability of products/services – before you invest a lot of energy in them. This includes assessing break-even, market demand and execution assessment.

Digital Marketing Expertise

Sometimes you just wish you could ask someone who’s done it before. In this group, you’ll have access to Valerie McTavish who has created a variety of digital products, developed branding and marketing strategies as well as content marketing plans and a whole lotta content. You’ll have access via the private Facebook group, conference calls & email.

Finding & Attracting Fans

Great products and services die on the internet every day because developers have no idea where to find customers. Within our 6 months together, each mastermind member will discover where their customer is hanging out, how to connect with them and turn them into raving fans (aka customers).

How it Works

We will meet for a conference call twice a month. On the call, each member will share a challenge they’ve had with their business and a win – allowing time for members to share helpful tips, ask questions and give kudos.

In the first call of the month, after the group round up, we will move to a discussion of the ‘Action Plan‘ (provided the week prior to the call). This might be a specific strategy I’ve had success with (like building an email funnel, creating a content calendar or developing an opt-in campaign), a worksheet, or a step by step plan for things like setting up a facebook audience using Power Editor, building your authority through social media or getting press coverage. These topics will be selected by the group. Or, if the group is interested, I could share new learning around trends following my attendance of the Traffic & Convert Conference in May.

In the second call of the month, we will put one group member on the ‘Hot Seat.’ This sounds scary but it’s actually very exciting because as a group we get to deep dive into that business, provide support around struggles and offer ideas and solutions. The hot seat is a key element to each person feeling accountable.

The final 5 minutes of each meeting is when everyone commits to a realistic goal or next step for moving their business and goals forward. These goals are posted to the private Facebook group so that we can all follow up with useful information pertaining to that goal. Or, just offer support.

I will be in the Facebook group, posting articles of interest, encouraging action and being available for questions. I’ll also be available by email however, I do think there’s value in questions being answer in front of the group because *guaranteed* we will all go through the same struggles at some point.

What My Clients Say

I thought that Valerie’s Mastermind group was fantastic. She is extremely knowledgeable and provided me with so many resources in areas that are relevant to my business. She kept me accountable to sticking to my goals and even challenged my thinking when I felt overwhelmed. I recommend this experience to any person wanting to improve their online presence and build their business.

Tracy Steen

Move Daily Fitness

Having Valerie’s perspective as I negotiate the challenges of business has been such a blessing. Her skill and knowledge around content development, online presence, and business strategy has increased my success as an entrepreneur and given me direction so I no longer feel like I’m trying to get my head above water. Before her help, I struggled with the organization of my business. I also felt like I didn’t know what step to take next. Her advice was concise, clear and extremely beneficial. Without her help, my business would still be going in a hundred different directions.

Laura Martini

Martini Yoga

Wayfinder Mastermind provided me with the guidance and encouragement to meet my goals head on. I accomplished a lot in a short amount of time while working with this incredibly driven group of women. If you’re looking to expand and streamline some of your business ideas and increase profitability, I highly recommend signing up!

Stacie Tappen

Wild + Free Collective

One of the hardest things about owning a passion inspired business is constantly finding the motivation to dig deep in to challenge and inspire yourself. I am so happy Valerie asked me to join her Wayfinder Mastermind experience! In 6 short months I managed to fast track my business plans with strategy, confidence and a few good laughs. I made a some great new friends that support me too! Thanks Valerie, now I’m truly OWNING IT!!! BOOM!

Nikki Hunter

The Green Vanity Holistic Beauty Lounge

My Commitment to You

Some of you have worked with me and some of you barely know me so let me tell you a bit about my style. I shoot from the hip and as a result, I’ve been called a bulldog and a bitch. Generally by people who are either intimidated by me or who don’t appreciate my straight talk. So, here’s what I’ve learned from that. I now work with strong women, women who probably have also been called names like this because they know what they want and they’re prepared to work hard to get it. The kind of women who appreciate a challenging question or a gentle calling-out when they’re not walking their talk. Women who get fired up being surrounded by other inspired women.

Does that scare you or are you screaming ‘hell ya!’?

Okay, if you’re still reading then let me share the softer side. While I promise to keep you to task, I am also a nurturer. I think it comes from being a producer for so many years. As a producer, everything has to be taken care of and put in it’s right place for magic to happen (which is as close to the role of mother as I’ll ever get). I also believe that each individual is motivated in different ways which is why one of the first things I’ll ask the group to do is share their communication style.

And finally, the most important thing you need to know about me is that I am fiercely committed to my clients. Their success is my success. I’m passionate about business and empowering entrepreneurs. If we work together, you can expect me to (actually) care about you and your business.

Wayfinder Mastermind

No Openings Currently
  • Two 45-minute group calls per month led by me
  • At least one turn in the Hot Seat
  • Private Facebook Group for support and accountability moderated by me
  • One Action Plan (white paper, strategy worksheets or industry updates) each month to keep you moving forward
  • Access to me via the Facebook Group and email
  • BONUS: 1 Strategy Session with me (which can be done at any time during the process
Apply to Waitlist

Prices in Canadian dollars. Payments made monthly via automated PayPal (credit card or debit options available through PayPal).

6 Month commitment required. This is out of fairness to the group as a whole and also because, realistically, it takes at least this long to gain significant change and I am committed to seeing you succeed. No exceptions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to commit for 6 months?

The mastermind process works best when the group has the opportunity to get to know each other and their businesses. If people come and go, we will spend too much time re-introducing people to the group and the process. Also, 6 months is a reasonable and realistic time frame for you to see real and sustainable results in your business.

What is your refund policy?

Because the group works best when people are committed to the full 6 months, I will not be offering refunds. I believe that making a financial commitment to this process is part of making a commitment to yourself and your business. Do not accept this invitation if you aren’t ready to take your business to the next level. Having said that, if you don’t feel you are getting enough value out of the program – talk to me! We’ll fix it.

What if I'd prefer to work with you privately?

The group setting isn’t right for everyone. If you feel that private sessions would be more beneficial, I’d be happy to discuss this with you. I do offer adhoc services (although this is not my favourite way to work with people because there is no accountability and it seems to happen in fits and starts). I prefer to work with you on retainer (commitment to a minimum number of hours per month).

You can sign up here. 

Who else is in the group (and will I fit in)?

I invite individuals who all currently have some form of business in operation (although not necessarily an online business) or are offering freelance services. They all happen to be women and they have various levels of experience in running a business. They all want to use the internet to grow their business and expand their customer base. I work hard to pair like-minded entrepreneurs together and to ensure that there aren’t any competitors within each group.

Essentially, they’re all awesome women, like you. You’re going to love them – I promise!

Still Not Sure?

I get that this is a big commitment. I’m happy to answer all of your questions and more – like my honest opinion on whether this is right for you. I selected you for this group but after we chat, I’ll let you know if it might not be the best step for you right now.

Let’s talk

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